A visual subject guide to Rambam's Mishneh Torah



The Full Story

I have always had a fascination for maps, and I’m most fortunate to have worked as a cartographer for a London based map publisher for twenty years.
I have developed a skill, going back to my youth, of “creating” topographic maps and 2D terrain images.  My work is not that of the “fantastic and imaginary world” genre, but of the realistic and plausible topography of our world.  I have a portfolio ranging from all encompassing work depicting in graphic form the Mishneh Torah of Rabbi Moses Maimonides of blessed memory to small topographic sketches. Some of these sketches can be used as “stand alone” map images, and each one possesses a unique visual dynamic of its own.



Finished works and sketches



Inspired by the structure and organisation of Torah Law revealed by the Rambam in his Mishneh Torah, and using the map as a basic metaphor, we have presented subjects in their related groups and sets, and have organised them into a unique "graphic" and spatial context.

At the present state the project is comprised of 3 levels of detail.
1.   An overview of the complete 14 books of the Mishneh Torah including the 83 Laws;
2.   5 (of a potential of 14) maps showing in more detail Books of the Mishneh Torah and the Mizvot pertaining to that book and Laws and chapters within each of those books;
3.   2 (of a potential of 83) maps showing in more detail, the Halachot and subject content within each chapter of the Halachot as well as source and cross-referencing.



A collection of topographic imagery in sketch form.  A variety of drawings ranging from pencil sketches to larger "canvases".  Some of these drawings depict the ideas upon which some of the later finished works are based.



Please note

The maps are offered in a digital format only and not as physical paper maps. The maps can be printed on your personal home printer or by your local commercial printer at any size and on different media. Why not enhance and beautify your home, school, college, your children's' room with a large scale wall map on canvas!